RICARDO is the older brother and the restaurant manager of La Mesa Nostra. He is kind of a swindler, always scheming for his own profit. Well mannered and highly skilled at public relations, Ricardo has the gift of gab in multi-languages, making him a successful womanizer; it’s nearly impossible to not get on with this guy. His over-inflated self-confidence and arrogance leads him to make impulsively bad decisions, which land him in a lot of messy situations. The last one forced him to run away from Spain with his brother Manuel, to whom he considers himself a protective brother.

Ricardo really needs his little brother Manuel, to keep him on the “straight and narrow.” As unscrupulous as he is, Ricardo really loves his misfit brother— taking care of him and nurturing his talents in the kitchen, gives Ricardo purpose in the middle of the sea of turmoil he creates all around him. But Ricardo can’t help himself from taking advantage of Manuel when he needs to— it’s just his nature.




MANUEL is the younger of the two brothers and La Mesa Nostra’s executive chef. He’s a real cooking genius; the new “Picasso of gastronomy”— a creative soul and a real pain in the ass. Manuel brings his eternal bitter mood wherever he goes; always complaining about everything. You will never hear him utter sweet words or a compliment. Manuel suffers from “selective misanthropy”, finding stupid people unbearable to be around— a kind of “Dr. House” of gastronomy. He’s a terrible dresser, drinks more than he should and relies completely on his brother to not lose contact with the world. Although deep down they love each other, the brothers are always bickering. Beneath Manuel’s anti-social persona lies a lonely and sensitive man in need of love and attention. The closest he’s ever come to a relationship with a woman has been by way of hired escort service girls. Recently, he’s developed a crush on the new waitress.


CELIA is the one-and-only waitress at La Mesa Nostra; a true professional who got the job by passing an extremely hard selection process. A gorgeous Cuban woman who won’t tolerate sexist behavior, she can easily transform into a badass women-rights defender when provoked. Celia’s not a big fan of Spaniards, and besides, she’s keeping a big secret from the brothers— Celia has a child back in Havana, and all her efforts are aimed toward reuniting with her beloved son. This is her motivation for the deal she’s made with “The Boss”, who will bring the boy to the USA if she can keep the two brothers under control. But it is sometimes she, who can’t keep her control, when her beautiful self is harassed by misogynist men that cause her to lose her hot Latina temper, even in front of the restaurant’s customers! Nevertheless, she has great willpower, is sometimes too self-critical, and is the only restaurant staff member with some common sense. With all the pressure she endures, it’s not surprise that you’ll find Celia blowing steam some nights, dancing all alone with passionate abandon.


THE BOSS is the real owner of the restaurant; he supplied all the funds to start the business. Nobody knows much about him apart from his being a businessman who seems to know everybody. He is never called by his name— He is just “The Boss” to everyone. The Boss provides La Mesa Nostra with its high-end clientele, from among his business associates and “friends in high places”. He might look to some as a man without scruples, but finally he’s just a businessman obsessed with not losing time and money. With several businesses and troubled finances, the Boss suffers from insomnia, acid reflux disease and chronic stress. Any doctor would prescribe him a holiday at one of the resorts he owns— however, they are all so in the red and ready to go bankrupt; staying there would only give him a heart attack! His demeanor is of a man who’s busy to the point of distress.

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