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La Mesa Nostra is a comedy series targeted to Latino audiences. It’s a mix of two popular Series genres; Comedy and Cooking! An inventive blend of “The Office” and “Kitchen Nightmares”, the Series offers an entertaining view into the professional culinary world.

La Mesa Nostra is set in a high-end restaurant, where the volatile escapades of running a dining establishment, comically collide with villainous, lovable, over-the-top eccentric characters who work and dine there— the chef, the manager, the staff, the “big boss owner” and their glamorous yet sometimes shady clientele.

La Mesa Nostra is a multicultural Series for the North American, Latin American and Spanish markets that feature international top chefs’ culinary creations as well as international food, wine and other gastronomic brands. The Series will feature cuisine and entertainment celebrity cameos in a number of episodes with product placement advertising opportunities, on the multi-platforms on which it will be aired.


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