La Mesa Nostra is a high-end restaurant; the most exclusive one in the world. It is located in a lovely, discreet villa in Northern California that functions more like a VIP club. It takes months to book a reservation for the restaurant’s one and only highly-exclusive table.  The cuisine and service are exquisite, topped by a ridiculously astronomical bill!  However, that doesn’t faze La Mesa Nostra’s status-seeking clientele who are proud to brag, “I was there!”

The Boss

La Mesa Nostra is the creation of two brothers who fled Spain to evade justice. The older of the two brothers is a bit of a con man— absolutely charming but often scheming for his own profit.  The younger brother is a social misfit but a genius-chef. The restaurant’s owner is “The Boss”— a mysterious investor who provided the capital to open the business. The two Spaniards prove to be a chaotic duo, who struggle to run the restaurant. Finally, The Boss gives the brothers an ultimatum— turn the business around, or he’ll call immigration, and they’ll be deported back to Spain.

The Three

La Mesa Nostra is staffed by a madcap Latino workforce of eccentrics, save for one exceptionally professional waitress. The waitress is a smart, gorgeous Cubana who has no tolerance for chauvinists, and is not a big fan of “entitled” Spaniards. She’s made a deal with The Boss that she’s kept secret from the brothers… The Boss will bring the young son she left behind in Cuba to the US, in exchange for surreptitiously managing the brothers to keep them from not screwing up the business— keeping them under control. But it is she who can’t always keep her cool when her sharp, beautiful self, is often hounded by sexist men, unleashing her hot Latina temper even in front of the restaurant’s customers!


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